Phenolic resin

Phenolic resins (PF) belong to the group of thermosetting plastics. In contrast to most of the thermosets used in technical applications, the cross-linking of phenolic resins is based on polycondensation. During the chemical reaction, by-products such as water, ammonia or similar are released.

For the analysis of the chemical reaction of this material, it is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the industrial conditions, such as press pressures or a flash off of the reaction by-products.


Phenolic resins are used as granulates in reactive injection moulding (Pourable thermosets, filled) for a wide range of applications, as matrix material for fibre-reinforced plastics and as insulation material for both electrical and thermal insulation (also as phenolic resin foam).

They have very good mechanical and thermal properties as well as a high chemical resistance.