We help our customers to better understand their materials and processes and give them a head start in setting up and optimizing their production processes and material development with our analysis equipment

A unique property of the measurement equipment is the reproduction of real process conditions of industrial manufacturing processes in the automated material analysis. This enables customers to optimize their processes and increase efficiency in production through the immediate transferability of the analysis results.


In addition, the measurement equipment is specifically designed for low maintenance and easy operation. This is of great importance in the analysis of reactive materials and their mostly immanent tendency to adhesion for reproducible measurements and long-lasting analysis equipment, even without the use of highly specialized personnel.


The unique properties mentioned above result in a high cost reduction potential due to the possibility to make existing combinations of material systems and processes describable, which leads to a more efficient implementation of processes, less rejects and reduced development costs.


Furthermore, thanks to its intuitive operation and fully automated measuring procedure, the measurement technology is accessible to companies along the entire value chain in the plastics industry. The exact adaptation of the measuring devices to customer processes reduces the need for highly specialized personnel for material analysis. At the same time, a design-to-cost approach ensures that the measuring instruments are cost-efficient in purchase due to the elimination of functions that are not required, as in universal measuring instruments.


The improved availability of analysis equipment leads to a reduction of external material analyses. In addition to the cost savings, the otherwise occurring analysis times are reduced during which the processes cannot be adapted. This gives you more flexibility and less dependencies on external service providers.

Our services for your company


  • CellEQ develops, produces and distributes individual measuring equipment for the shrinkage analysis of multi-component resin systems – dilatometers. The focus is the development of laboratory measuring equipment and procedures which operate under the same realistic conditions as in industrial production processes. The intuitive and easy-to-use equipment and integrated mixing and dosing technology make it possible to characterize highly reactive and complex systems under isothermal process conditions for the first time.


    It is possible to analyse polyurethanes, epoxy resins, SMC, polyester resins and many more.


  • Our quality assurance systems are customer-specific devices that can be used easily and cost-efficiently for product and process control. Here material parameters are often verified under specific and constant conditions. CellEQ offers these QA systems through development projects with the required customer specifications.


  • Accompanying the development of the devices, we offer services and material analyses with cellEQ equipment and laboratory capacities for independent data determination and evaluation. In addition to innovative equipment, you benefit from our expertise in interpreting the results and explaining the material behaviour.








  • With our experience in plastics processing and material analysis, especially in the field of reactive material systems, we can help you to better implement your processes, select the right materials for your processes, and work with you to find new ways to address existing problems.