Processing and Production

CellEQ® equipment helps to optimize processing of reactive plastics without having to conduct costly time-consuming external analysis with the materials. The automated analysis of materials generates a comprehensive understanding of the most important influencing factors on the reaction and thus on the resulting product.

Cycle time optimization


By knowing which factors (e.g. temperature, pressure, auxiliary materials) affect the reaction, the entire process can be optimized with regard to the cycle time by simply adjusting the process parameters (pressure increase, other release agent, etc.). For example, the change in density of a material can be correlated with the curing degree, which depends on time and process parameters, making earlier demoulding possible, as safety times for complete curing are partly or completely eliminated.


In Addition, new material and process combinations (mould materials, surface coatings, auxiliary materials such as release agents, processing equipment such as dosing machines) can also be analysed with the material systems. This increases the potential for process optimization.

Surface optimization


The warpage in components caused by residual stresses and the resulting surface, especially in the field of fibre reinforced plastics, are directly connected to the shrinkage behaviour of the material system. With cellEQ® dilatometers, process control (e.g. injection pressures, holding pressure, temperatures) can be optimized.

Material control


The behaviour of newly delivered batches can be easily controlled and thus subjected to an independent incoming inspection. This reduces downtimes and rejects by using faulty material in the production process without knowing. In addition, in the event of production errors, there is a fast and flexible way to search for problems. Material deviations are quickly identified and either eliminated via adapted process control or the material can be excluded directly as a source of error.

Work safety and flexibility


You are no longer dependent on long waiting times and high costs for external laboratory analyses. You get the desired results directly from available equipment. In addition, you do not have to resort to specially trained personnel. CellEQ® analysis equipment is specially designed for your requirements, automated and is completely closed system, so that the manual handling of chemicals and materials away from what is already known (e.g. filling of storage tanks) is no longer necessary.