[Webinar] New ways in the analysis of reactive plastics

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[Webinar] New ways in the analysis of reactive plastics

Webinar on the 07. July 2020 at 10 o’clock

in Microsoft Teams


cellEQ invites you to a webinar on the topic “Analysis of reactive plastics”.


In this free and public webinar we will present how product and material development can be optimally supported by modern analysis technology. You will see that by using new possibilities, development times can be shortened enormously in order to use resources more efficiently.


We show you how different analysis methods are applied, how data is optimally used, generated and interpreted. Our focus is always that the results are practically relevant and that you can apply them directly to your products and processes.

The webinar is aimed at product development, processors and management of plastics processing companies as well as material manufacturers in the field of reactive plastics – e.g. polyurethane, silicone, rubber, fibre composite plastics, reactive injection moulding, SMC/BMC processing.


The contents of the webinar are based on the following topics:

Top 1  Special aspects of reactive plastics

Top 2  Overview of current material analysis and its application: reaction kinetics, cross-linking and shrinkage

Top 3  Innovative solutions in material analysis: material selection, process optimization, scale-up and simulation

Top 4  Analysis as a tool for quality assurance


You have the following options for participating in the webinar:

Download the Outlook appointment for the webinar from the following link and confirm your participation with the answer function:

Download: cellEQ Webinar New Ways in the Analysis of Reactive Plastics

Alternatively you can use the contact form or send us an e-mail with your participation request to: info@celleq.de








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